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As a visual artist, Jaajr delves into the intricate connections between the self, time, and the continuous change of the universe. Through a practice-based approach that revolves around the exploration of materials and the art of making, she seeks to unravel the mysteries of existence and translate them into works that challenge the boundaries of traditional art forms.

By immersing themselves in the creative process, Jaajr's art seeks to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of all things and the fluid nature of the universe.


✹ Tin Jok - representative of Chiang mai University 
Ready-to-wear collection  for Tourism authority of Thailand , 2017
Co-design with Natthida Intanu

Sourse ; www.Thaicatwalk.com

Tin Jok , 2017

The Tin Jok collection is a display of one of the well-known silk of Thailand, showcasing the local knowledge and cultural heritage of the people of Mae Chaem, the only district in Thailand that weaves these intricate patterns with sophisticated detailing. Traditionally used to adorn women's wraparound skirts, also known as Pa Seen, the combination of the Pa Seen skirt and Tin Jok pattern has made it the most famous product of Mae Chaem.

The collection was a part of 'THE MAGIC OF THAI FABRIC' fashion show, aimed at promoting Thai Silk to the younger generation by recreating traditional fabrics to be more wearable and up to date. This collection was a collaboration between Jaajr and her classmate, Nutthida In ta-nu, representing Chiang Mai University along with four other representatives from universities across Thailand, as well as five talented Thai designers. The collection perfectly captured the beauty and elegance of the Tin Jok pattern, bringing the traditional Thai fabric into the modern world with a fresh new perspective.