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As a visual artist, Jaajr delves into the intricate connections between the self, time, and the continuous change of the universe. Through a practice-based approach that revolves around the exploration of materials and the art of making, she seeks to unravel the mysteries of existence and translate them into works that challenge the boundaries of traditional art forms.

By immersing themselves in the creative process, Jaajr's art seeks to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of all things and the fluid nature of the universe.


✹ Wawwow 
kinetic sculpture , 2021

"Wawwow" (2021) is a series of kinetic sculptures that embody the concept of shininess and energy transformation. The sculptures are crafted from polarisation sheet material, secured with plastic rivets, and mounted within a wooden lightbox. A rotating mechanism has been incorporated, acting as a screen for the motif to filter the light, creating a mesmerizing glimmering animation. This animation visually emulates how shiny materials respond to light by reflecting and changing colour. The artwork's dynamic movement and captivating visual effects make it a unique and engaging piece.

This project is a symbolic representation of the concept of self and the ever-evolving nature of life. Reflective material is used to embody the notion of mutability, which mirrors the philosophy of the universe and the transience of all things. The artwork serves as a reminder that everything is in a constant state of flux, and change is an inevitable part of the natural order. The reflective material's transformative qualities echo the fluctuating nature of life, and the piece invites contemplation on the impermanence and ephemerality of our existence.