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As a visual artist, Jaajr delves into the intricate connections between the self, time, and the continuous change of the universe. Through a practice-based approach that revolves around the exploration of materials and the art of making, she seeks to unravel the mysteries of existence and translate them into works that challenge the boundaries of traditional art forms.

By immersing themselves in the creative process, Jaajr's art seeks to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of all things and the fluid nature of the universe.


✹ Lenticular sheet testing
8th March 2021

This week the workshop on the campus is reopened again after 3 months of lockdown. I take this opportunity to try out the material sample that I have received during lockdown - Lenticular sheet. I ordered a pack of them from store.vuethru.com, USA. The seller was really friendly and keen to help, he also put some extra sample for me to try as well - highly recommend!

Lenticular sheet sample from the shop - cat and mouse
The sheet is clear Lenses with an adhesive that we can print out our own artworks at home (from an inkjet printer) and stick it on the back of the sheet to create an image changing effect when flipped. I was so excited when I first knew that I can do any images myself at home and this is a good start to the further idea of the fan project.

Motif cut out from the sample and assembled with plastic rivet
At the workshop - I, again, booked a laser cutting machine to try out this new material. Although, I have tried it once at the beginning of the last term. But it didn’t have any images - just a clear plastic sheet. This time I try the same motif which is the fan one. I lay down the motif across the sample sheet which is cat and mouse images.

Images changing in differnt angles

The machine has some struggle when cut - because we didn’t know what setting should we do for this thickness on this material. So it took some times to cut it through. When assembled, the motif gives a slightly different result from what I had in mind. But not bad overall, when flipped the lines have changed in different angle giving this amusing look. I’m wondering what would it look like when assembling in a bigger form.

The next step would be, to think about what images I should print on the sheet, what motif would it fits, and what direction of movement it would work well with the sheet